Special Orders

Our focus is on framing your creativity. For a single product business, we take a lot of care in building on your creativity and turning it into a framed reality. We work on both personal and commercial applications. Whether you’d like one image tiled across multiple stones or a theme to run through a new restaurant or a collection of stones to tell a story—we’ll help to move your creativity into a physical form.

Walls with stories
We’ve framed a lot of interesting memories and collections. From a shark bounty hunter off Bondi Beach in the 1930’s, his reel and his boat name plaques—Never Fail. To a collection of envelopes used as canvases during the war, sent home to a love, only to be delayed each time at the post office until everyone had viewed the latest piece.
Every collection of stone prints tells a personal story, a visual talking piece about the people in the space, their life and loves.

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