Special Orders

Our focus is on framing your creativity. For a single product business, we take a lot of care in building on your creativity and turning it into a framed reality. We work on both personal and commercial applications. Whether you’d like one image tiled across multiple stones or a theme to run through a new restaurant or a collection of stones to tell a story – we’ll help to move your creativity into a physical form.


We’ve framed a lot of interesting memories and collections. From a shark bounty hunter off Bondi Beach in the 1930’s, his reel and his boat name plaques – Never Fail.  To a collection of envelopes used as canvases during the war, sent home to a love, only to be delayed each time at the post office until everyone had viewed the latest piece.

Every collection of stone prints tells a personal story, a visual talking piece about the people in the space, their life and loves.


  • Point of Sale with a point of difference.
  • Industry awards as individual as the recipient.
  • Office, restaurant and hotel fit-outs.

OnStone is the perfect cast to reflect your business’s original style.


Break your favourite memory into a constellation of images; this way you’ll finally be able to concentrate on those small details that you’ve been taking for granted.

Some images need to have multiple focal points.
Some walls are just too large for the perfect image you have in mind.
Sometimes images just need to be BIG!

We can help dissect your image, creating a piece that hones, focuses and captivates – It’s the ultimate personalised art piece.


Don’t let the connection with your past fade away.
Open those old albums, breathe new life into those fading great old images and turn them into a piece of art.

We can help you to scan and restore your old photographs, letters, recipes, artworks or any precious item for you to their former glory.

OnStone happily provides basic restoration such as the removal of marks, fix the colour and contrast, as well as crop and enlarge to enhance the image. Some of the aging adds to the charm (and there will be some limitations) yet these pieces of history and loved personalities just need to be preserved and shared.


Give your craft a new edge.
Let your images radiate a new light and life on stone.
Provide your clients with a handcrafted alternative to the traditional printing options.
All with the added eco-benefits and beauty of natural and repurposed materials.

We love partnering with professionals and work with you in transforming inspired ideas into striking pieces.

We make it simple for you with personalised dropbox, added branding and direct shipping.

Lets Get Creative

We offer a range of customised panel options for both personal and commercial applications. Whether you’d like one image tiled across multiple panels, or a collection of panels ideal for a family wall – we’ll be happy to help.

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