Our Story

Our Story

A word or two on balance first.

Balance needs constant movement: you lose it over and over again, you get it back right before falling.

For us, it means finding a way to remain true to our passions while putting our product out there. Something meaningful, something we work for every day, something we take planes for, change cities for, venture into new collaborations, continually moving.

Introducing OnStone involves talking about memories, gathering inspiration, wasting time and finding our feet again in and out of serendipitous events. Our work, after all, is a quest for balance between timber and stone, past and present, family and work – the ingredients that, mixed together, make up our beautiful and deliberately imperfect life.

 The story of OnStone started in 2012 … and we’re in love with it.



OnStone Singapore opened in 2016 thanks to the passion and efforts of Daniel and Kym Song. After spending 15 blissful years in Melbourne and saying goodbye to her previous life as a lawyer, Kym returned to Singapore in 2014 with her husband, Daniel, to raise their two young boys. But before making the journey back to the tropics, in 2012, Kym and Daniel were exploring South Melbourne and came across an intriguing display in a shop window. They were immediately taken with this innovative and beautiful idea of printing their family photographs on organic and reclaimed materials. What a wonderful way to contribute to sustainability! Thus, a new passion was born. Every year since then, their own collection of special memories has grown to fill the walls of their home.  Kym is thrilled to be able to bring OnStone to Singapore so that more people may discover a new unique way to showcase their special and memorable moments.

If you’d like to see, touch and inspect our stones, pop in for a look at our display wall – LittleRedDot at Forum Shopping Mall. Or if you have a question please drop us an email at: shop@onstone.sg

Farm Team


Instead of paddocks of sheep we have neat piles of fences dotted about the farm. We not only use recycled timbers we do the rejuvenation part too. The stones are made by a team of 5 expert timber tailors at an average age 66 – click-itty-click.

Shop Team


Our store in South Melbourne is the hub of OnStone, we process the online orders, print and ship all over Australia and around the world.

We also have a terrific team of in-house photographers and designers that can curate images as well as scan and mock up a wall concept. If you have an idea or a collection we can turn this into a stoned reality.

03 8060 9842
Coventry Street
South Melbourne 3205

Pop up

Last Seen – Sydney

OnStone Pop Up is currently in transit.
If you know of a good temporary space that could house a short term OnStone shop please get in contact: shop@onstone.sg