How It Works

A day in the life of OnStone

OnStone is made from reclaimed raw materials that are up-cycled and repurposed to create a character filled stone surface.

The mix of reclaimed timbers and stone with specialist UV inks result in a fine art quality image that is scratch and water resistant; has uninterrupted depth and, as there is no glass, no reflection.

The handmade OnStone prints are an individual and distinctive alternative to canvas, paper or glass prints, each with its own character and charm.


First, we scout for timber in the suburbs: we take a slow drive, the scent of coffee fills up our car and mixes with the crisp freshness of the air filtering through the pulled-down windows. We take a look around. Some of the fences that divide the Victorian houses in our suburbs will come down soon, they will be replaced by something with less character. Do you see that one? Three doors down the laksa shop. That’ll make some good frames!


Back at the farm, where we give timber a ‘new purpose’. Music plays in the background. The afternoon sun blisses over our slow creation. Bit of milk and a spoon of sugar for me, thanks. First, we make a frame by polishing the reclaimed timber and we use it as a mould to pour our unique type of stone composite into. This way we create the perfectly smooth surface onto which your image will be directly printed and cured with UV light. Let the product cool down now. Let the stone comfortably adapt to its new bed and relax in its new shape. Large rectangle, Medium Panorama, Small Square.


We wake up the next morning to a warm and tactile, yet humble, surface that will support your precious memories rather than dominate them. There’s a thick layer of lukewarm clouds over Melbourne; the kind of grey that invites you to sit at your desk and create, again.